About this site

The Madison Jazz Calendar continues to be actively maintained, but we stopped updating the rest of the site in May, 2014. This site was the online hub of the Madison, WI jazz community from 2008-2014, and because it documents many events, concerts, and recordings we have kept the articles online as a historical record of that time. What […]

This site is being discontinued

We’ve received terrific feedback about the recent site changes and yet forces beyond our control are now compelling us to discontinue the site. For the future, Madison Jazz will put all its energy into the Madison Jazz Jam. This site will remain up for some time but will no longer be updated. We expect the […]

Concert reviews reviewed

Review Policy

With the transition of our website to an online magazine we plan to publish more concert and gig reviews, and are seeking writers to help. Before you dash off your first critique lets consider the power of your pen and the Madison Jazz policy for reviews. There are many reasons reviews are popular. Those that […]

Welcome to our new site!

Madison Jazz is now an online magazine and your complete guide to everything happening in Madison, Wisconsin! Take a look around. All the previous content is here except for the educational material and Musicians Page. Those items are moving to the Madison Jazz Jam website. With our new look, active content remains easily visible on […]

No time, military style

Tim Whalen

My father accumulated many sayings in his 13 years in the military and took every opportunity to use them. So when I started my 1st draft by wishing there were more hours in a day I instantly heard him say, ” wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which one gets full the fastest.” I guess this […]

Thanks, and plea for help

First of all I want to thank everyone who has been a guest author on Madison Jazz. Posts from guest authors have been some of the most popular pieces on the site. A big THANK YOU goes out to: Patrick Breiner – Patrick’s rant at the Concourse put Madison Jazz on the map , and his most recent article is without a doubt […]

Navigating the site

Despite my best efforts to keep Madison Jazz organized some people do not find what they come for, even though it is here. Therefore, I spent the last 2 days improving the way posts are organized in categories. I hope this makes it easier to find related posts. It’s not perfect but it is improved. Here are some different methods […]

Madison Jazz Tune of the Week?

[polldaddy poll=1157223] I’d like some feedback on this. I haven’t played with the wordpress audio player yet, but I think it can be set to stream rather than download. This should make your recording more secure. Many of you have music samples on your websites, but this would really highlight your music. I was thinking […]