About this site

The Madison Jazz Calendar continues to be actively maintained, but we stopped updating the rest of the site in May, 2014. This site was the online hub of the Madison, WI jazz community from 2008-2014, and because it documents many events, concerts, and recordings we have kept the articles online as a historical record of that time. What you see here is a stripped down version of the original site. Pages and posters listing musicians, organizations, festivals, etc, were removed because they were no longer up to date.

Madison Jazz Calendar returns

The original Madison Jazz Calendar is back. When updating of the MJ site ceased in spring of 2014 the calendar lost its home. Many jazz fans expressed sadness and longing for it to return. Now, a fully restored calendar listing all local jazz events is back. The Calendar tab above links directly to my new website which had a nice, warm spot for the calendar. It will be well cared for, accurate and up to date.

Jazz in Madison is also using a feed from my calendar on their site.