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Concert reviews reviewed

With the transition of our website to an online magazine we plan to publish more concert and gig reviews, and are seeking writers to help. Before you dash off your first critique lets consider the power of your pen and the Madison Jazz policy for reviews. There are many … Read More

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Clockwise: vocalist Debbie Duncan, Mark Ramirez on keyboard, Matt Hund on drums, and Lucas Koehler on bass.

Jazz at Five fundraiser last night

I wish I could've made it to this performance. Debbie Duncan sounds fantastic on her YouTube videos.  Did you attend? How was it? Leave a comment with your thoughts. … Read More


Jackie Allen

Jackie Allen and Company

A really enjoyable podcast of  Jackie Allen's concert from last September was just published on Mad Toast Live (a treasure trove of concert recordings). The concert was presented by Madison Music Collective, Mad Toast Live, the Improvisational Music Workshop, … Read More

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Next jam May 3rd

From the Madison Jazz Jam website: .....The band is Eric Koppa – sax/educator, Dave Stoler – piano, Nick Moran – bass, and Michael Brenneis – drums. The tune-of-the-week is Cherokee. This tune is usually called at a very rapid tempo and involves many key … Read More

Greater Madison Jazz Consortium

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Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month with Live Music

Excerpted from the GMJS website: Since 2001, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History has been designating each April as Jazz Appreciation Month and calling on communities around the country to join the celebration. By far the best way to … Read More